#136: Is Putin the Aggressor?

Is Putin the Aggressor? Yes. He has already stolen Crimea, and forces probably aligned with him have occupied Luhansk, Donetsk, and Transnistria. It does not take the additional troops surrounding Ukraine to understand that there is already a war going on. Any action by Ukraine to retake its territory would be justified – though at… Continue reading #136: Is Putin the Aggressor?

#67: This Perfect Virus Exploits Our Weaknesses

“Frightened people. Give me a Dalek any day.”– The 11th Doctor, in N7.03 “A Town Called Mercy” 2020 is the perfect year for getting an education on reality. We are learning a lot about human nature, different cultures, statistics, as well as biology these days. We should be thankful that things are finally revealed that… Continue reading #67: This Perfect Virus Exploits Our Weaknesses

#66: Democracy Needs Well-Educated Citizens

Democracy is a participatory activity. While not everyone can (or should) run for office, being a good citizen extends to much more than engaging in the business of politics. It begins with embracing the dignity of being the sovereign – or, more clearly, part of the group that constitutes the sovereign – and recognizing that… Continue reading #66: Democracy Needs Well-Educated Citizens

#65: Sine Ira et Studio: The Strength of Dispassionate Criticism

It is easy to get caught up in the issues of the day. There is always some grave injustice somewhere, always some issues that endanger human life, other life on earth, even the planet herself. It is easy, and very compelling, to translate the emotions we all have about deeply important issues into a language… Continue reading #65: Sine Ira et Studio: The Strength of Dispassionate Criticism

#64: The Illusion of Brexit

Brexit is not possible. That is, Brexit in any meaningful sense of the word. Whatever meaning may have hidden in the idiotic phrases and jingoism of "Brexit Means Brexit", behind empty cries for sovereignty, taking the country "back" to wherever, whatever the original intention: A complete and clean break with the EU is simply not… Continue reading #64: The Illusion of Brexit

#63: Doubt and Faith in Religion

(Before starting this, I would like to remind you, dear reader, of my other writings on religion - specifically, my longer poems "Faith No More" and "Pietà", which contain some criticism of religion. My relationship with religion is complicated, and my understanding of it maybe a bit unorthodox.) The core of every respectable religion is… Continue reading #63: Doubt and Faith in Religion

#62: Democracy is a Consensus-Creation Machine

There may be many purposes for democracy, but there is only one that really means something, and which is the sine qua non of democracy: Consensus creation. Without consensus, we have nothing. All the adversity unleashed by campaigning, all the (sometimes mock-)animosity between members of different political factions or parties needs to eventually come down… Continue reading #62: Democracy is a Consensus-Creation Machine

#61: We All Need to Appreciate Each Other

It is so easy to get caught up in why we all cannot get along. History is a constant source of grievances, both legitimate and illegitimate and everything in between, and we could find all sorts of reasons for having us convinced that we cannot, should not, must not – and how dare you to!… Continue reading #61: We All Need to Appreciate Each Other

#60: How We Know that the New Coronavirus Is a Real Threat

There are all kinds of stories out there claiming that the threat posed by the New Coronavirus (Covid19 / SARS-CoV-2) would not be real, and that everything is a big global conspiracy for some typically unspecified sinister purpose. Allegedly, the tests are said to be meaningless, and even if there was a threat, it would… Continue reading #60: How We Know that the New Coronavirus Is a Real Threat

#59: Why Really Big Conspiracies Cannot Exist

We all may believe somehow that there are some bigger forces pulling the strings of society. We all know that money matters in politics. We all know that powerful people somehow are connected with each other. We all know that strangely, if you ask the question "cui bono" or "who benefits," you will always get… Continue reading #59: Why Really Big Conspiracies Cannot Exist