#185: Poem: Sometimes, There’s Nothing To Say

SOMETIMES, THERE'S NOTHING TO SAY Corvallis, August 14th, 2022 – P#782 sometimes, there's nothing to saynot that there wouldn't be anythingto talk about: for I could say all I want,but talking about it, would that not implya social component? so shall I cryout loudinto the wilderness? for I really feellike screamingout loud: and yet, who… Continue reading #185: Poem: Sometimes, There’s Nothing To Say

#172: Poem: The Fleeting Self

THE FLEETING SELF Corvallis, July 4th, 2022 – P#776 sometimesI seem to have forgottenwho I waswhat I've donewho I am I look at my worksometimes with a senseof incredulity:how did this happen?could I've really done this?who was this methat wrote all this,said all this,did all this? I feel like a stranger to myselfand all is… Continue reading #172: Poem: The Fleeting Self

#162: Seize the Day

I am currently – among other things – working on editing my fifth poetry volume. It will largely consist of my absolutely insane mega-poem “Pastiche”, a 20000-long act of utter lunacy. As I am going over its meandering bouts of madness, I come across parts written in English, French, Latin, Greek, German, etc. – some… Continue reading #162: Seize the Day

#161: Poem: We All

WE ALL Corvallis, April 28th, 2021 - P#773 we allhave hopeswe allhave dreamswe allseek solace of the soul for as we walkin this valley of darknessfar too oftenwe're all alonewe're all, deep down,a single being,reaching outfor all our lives:for all our sakes:and though we trythe only certainty in birthis death;and all that happens in betweencan… Continue reading #161: Poem: We All

#150: Poem: Nunc Est

SYLLOGY XLVI INVOCATIO(VERSIO LATINA) nunc est horaclamansagitansnunc est horaclamantesagitantesrogantesprobantesdubitantessumus:estqui sumus?estqui speramus?estquae est?hora istatota, omnahora istavivantesmoriturisperantessumusnunc horanunc sumus VARIATIO PRIMA:IN THE MADNESS OF THE CURRENT WORLD / in the madness of the current worldseek we only to survivefor long enough to see this through: to finish our affairs right hereso that prepared we'll be -so that… Continue reading #150: Poem: Nunc Est

#123: Poem: Pretend We

PRETEND WE Corvallis, December 8th-30th, 2021 – P#769 pretend wethere could be normalitythere could be a way to beas we were before pretend weall we wish will come to passall we wish will make us wholeand fill empty souls pretend wetime could easily turn backpast mistakes won't haunt us sowe can have it all pretend… Continue reading #123: Poem: Pretend We

#110: Poem: To Understand the World

TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD Corvallis, August 20th, 2021 – P#754 how it would beif finally wecould claim to comprehendwhatever it isthat daily surrounds us? are choosing weto blissfully ignoreall that life has to offer in joy and in pain,in bliss and damnation,in promise and anguish,in safety and danger,both heaven and hell? in this all-twisted worldyou… Continue reading #110: Poem: To Understand the World

#100: Poem: One Moment in Time

ONE MOMENT IN TIME(一期一会) Corvallis, May 29th, 2021 – P#752 what we areit iswhat it is there is nothing hereand everything we are not meant to lastand yet we want to thisis foolish desire for meaninglies in the fleeting,not in permanence in the endin the beginningwe areand we'll be there has to be an endin… Continue reading #100: Poem: One Moment in Time

#70: Poem: Wake for a World out of Balance

WAKE FOR A WORLD OUT OF BALANCE Corvallis, December 31st, 2020 - January 10th, 2021 - P#749 stand we here in judgementof a world that's gone awry ? whose judgement is therewe should listen to?who's left among usthat should judge? we see the signswe hear the wordsand there are countless other ones we don't and… Continue reading #70: Poem: Wake for a World out of Balance

#13: Poem: Passover

PASSOVER Corvallis, April 8th, 2020 - P#734 there’s a feeling rising upfrom somewhere deepinside the strangest sensation:intense, and yet gentle,a realization, for sure,of something I’ve already knownand yetdon’t care to face all the time the silliest thing,it’s so banal,it is so trivial,it is so utterly devoidof any originalityand stillso rarelytrulyexpressed we live our livesin constant… Continue reading #13: Poem: Passover