#151: Putin Is a Fascist per Definition

President Putin portrays himself as a fighter against Nazis and Nationalists. At the same time, today, he just bombed the Babyn Yar memorial to the victims of National Socialist genocide of Jews in Kiev, while he is fighting a young democracy led by a Jewish Russian-Ukrainian president. Somehow, Putin has his definitions wrong. Fascism is… Continue reading #151: Putin Is a Fascist per Definition

#143: The Madness of the Czar: Putin’s Incoherent Speech

After watching Putin’s one-hour speech on February 21, the day he declared to support the “independence” of his proxy states in Luhansk and Donetsk, I have understood why Trump and Putin seemed to get along. This was not a speech. It was an hour ramble that would have made Kanye West seem coherent. It was… Continue reading #143: The Madness of the Czar: Putin’s Incoherent Speech

#128: Russia Is Part of the West

Recently, I conducted a little teaching experiment in several of my classes. I simply pulled up a map of the world and asked my students which countries were part of the West. In almost all cases, we found out that many more countries are actually culturally “Western” – whatever that means – than typically thought.… Continue reading #128: Russia Is Part of the West