#143: The Madness of the Czar: Putin’s Incoherent Speech

After watching Putin’s one-hour speech on February 21, the day he declared to support the “independence” of his proxy states in Luhansk and Donetsk, I have understood why Trump and Putin seemed to get along. This was not a speech. It was an hour ramble that would have made Kanye West seem coherent. It was… Continue reading #143: The Madness of the Czar: Putin’s Incoherent Speech

#128: Russia Is Part of the West

Recently, I conducted a little teaching experiment in several of my classes. I simply pulled up a map of the world and asked my students which countries were part of the West. In almost all cases, we found out that many more countries are actually culturally “Western” – whatever that means – than typically thought.… Continue reading #128: Russia Is Part of the West