#100: Poem: One Moment in Time

ONE MOMENT IN TIME(一期一会) Corvallis, May 29th, 2021 – P#752 what we areit iswhat it is there is nothing hereand everything we are not meant to lastand yet we want to thisis foolish desire for meaninglies in the fleeting,not in permanence in the endin the beginningwe areand we'll be there has to be an endin… Continue reading #100: Poem: One Moment in Time

#88: Nature Is the Best Meditation

I have never known how to meditate in the way that is typically depicted in all kinds of media today. I am not able to sit down comfortably in some cross-legged position or alleged “easy pose,” listening to my breath and somehow clear my head. Not possible. But there are other forms of meditation. Bruckner’s… Continue reading #88: Nature Is the Best Meditation