#127: We Cannot Overcome Racism If We Talk About “Race” all the Time

The category of race as we know it today, especially in the American context, was established historically in order to denigrate other groups of people based on otherwise meaningless criteria for the purpose of domination and colonialism. As an ideology, it emerged as a reaction to Columbus’ arrival in America. It served the effective othering… Continue reading #127: We Cannot Overcome Racism If We Talk About “Race” all the Time

#90: In Defense of “Wokeness”

A great deal of scorn and dismay is currently heaped on a movement or way of thinking that describes itself as “being woke” or “wokeness.” The terminology itself may shift, especially when faced with an onslaught of ongoing critique or with attempts to use it for corporate purposes. Certainly, it is easy to ridicule any… Continue reading #90: In Defense of “Wokeness”

#31: What Is Systemic Racism?

In the last post, which attempted a definition of racism, I addressed the origin and ideology of racism. But there is a difference between thinking and doing, between ideology and practice. The accumulated history of thinking in difference - whether it is on categories of ethnicity, skin color ("race"), class, sex, gender, age, or any… Continue reading #31: What Is Systemic Racism?

#30: What Is Racism?

Racism is not just a mild disliking or misunderstanding of someone else because of some superficial difference. Someone may dislike people from group x, but still not wish the worst to them. Racism should be understood in a more substantial way. First, racism believes in the idea of race holding a significant enough meaning to… Continue reading #30: What Is Racism?

#29: Black Lives Do Matter

When people say “Black Lives Matter” it does not mean that “Only Black Lives Matter.” Such an interpretation is grossly misleading, creating a scarecrow argument in order to discredit the issue. Nobody, typically, is saying or implying this. Of course, all lives matter indeed. Who would disagree with that! Nobody calling for Black lives to… Continue reading #29: Black Lives Do Matter