Micro-Posts are fleeting thoughts less developed than full posts.

  • µ05: Symphony 4 is finished

    It is finally done: Symphony 4: Elegy, demo music available on Soundcloud. I guess it captures some of the mood of these last years. I shy away from calling it my “Covid Symphony”, but it basically is.

  • µ#4: We Need Animals

    Looking into the eyes of a loving cat is the essence of bliss. Animals know what life is all about, and we need to cherish them. Without them around us, we are impoverished. We need to occasionally look into the eyes of someone that is not human, be it a dog, a bird, a cat, whatever. I prefer cats, but whatever helps!

  • µ#3: Tired

    Does it not seem as if we were tired all the time? Is this some kind of psychological or spiritual long Covid (even without the medical condition itself)? Certainly, I cannot really be alone in this. This sense of dread, of sameness, even doom, it has to stop. Be patient all, and be well.

  • µ#2: Why the Posturing as if Pandemic was Over?

    Why do people feel the need to posture as if the pandemic was over? What’s with the “no masks” pretension, with excluding and mocking people who still want to be careful? What’s with the denial of science? We know this is an evolving situation, that the vaccines don’t protect fully, that may still allow you to spread Covid – should we not protect all those who still need protection?

  • µ#1: Fleeting Micro-Thoughts

    There is not always time to write a full post, but sometimes, I feel the need to just throw something out. I’ll have a new category of micro blog posts (marked with “µ”, the greek letter mu for “micro”) which are less thought out, nothing fancy, but urgent enough, in my (more or less) humble opinion, to be put out there. Given that I don’t use Twitter, they’ll be collected here.