#52: Crisis Fatigue

It is easy to get overwhelmed these times. For too long, “normal” has not existed, and if so, only as a “new normal.” This seems too much to handle at times, and it will not end any time soon, and being overwhelmed is perfectly understandable.

We seem to be not very good at handling a crisis that endures for longer than a few weeks. The news cycle gets tired almost as quickly as we do – we tend to not hear about certain things any more as we adjust to a changed reality. Are there still fires in California? Yes. Is Coronavirus still wreaking havoc? Yes. Is the crisis in Syria still ongoing? Yes. Is the war in the Congo still ongoing? Yes. Is x still happening? Most likely, yes. Is it still on the news? Most likely not, unless something drastic has changed.

We adjust to things, but we are fatigued by it as well. That may work as a coping mechanism on the surface, but deep down, we kinda know. We keep it at bay by keeping it out of our daily concern. But that may mean we are letting our guard down.

The Coronavirus crisis could just as well be over if we all distanced, wore masks, practiced hygiene, stayed at home as much as possible, but adhered to all health guidance – mandated or just recommended – if we did go out to support the economy. Why is that so difficult? We are tired of it, for sure. But is that really a good excuse?