#181: Are We too Stupid for the Internet?

I have never been a cultural pessimist, nor have I ever been a Luddite. As soon as I was able to, I learned to use a computer in the pre-internet age (I still remember 5 ¼ inch disks and even data tapes), and as soon as the internet became available for private citizens, not just… Continue reading #181: Are We too Stupid for the Internet?

#175: The Metaverse Is Not The Solution

The early internet was a time of wonder, discovery and the possibility for sometimes awkward but empowering self-expression. Web 1.0 required dedication, knowledge, skills and taught people that it was necessary to understand the tools they were using, but that once they were understood, you could actually join in. The much-maligned e-mail – one of… Continue reading #175: The Metaverse Is Not The Solution

#73: The Destruction of Creativity through “Social” Media

There used to be a magical time. You will remember it if you remember using MS Internet Explorer version 2 and above, Netscape Navigator 3 and the mighty Netscape 4 (Communicator). Search Engines (AltaVista, Lycos, Metacrawler, etc.) and Catalogues (Yahoo!) were two different things. Inktomi was not just an allusion to the Lakota spider-trickster (the… Continue reading #73: The Destruction of Creativity through “Social” Media