#123: Poem: Pretend We


Corvallis, December 8th-30th, 2021 – P#769

pretend we
there could be normality
there could be a way to be
as we were before

pretend we
all we wish will come to pass
all we wish will make us whole
and fill empty souls

pretend we
time could easily turn back
past mistakes won’t haunt us so
we can have it all

pretend we
time is endless for us still
while our work still waits for us
we can rest some more

pretend we
compromise needs not be made
all our will be done right now
and we shall be king

pretend we
not to listen means success
what we wish shall be what’s real
and forever so

pretend we may
pretend we shall
pretend we have:
and yet, we’ll fail