#169: What Russia Claims to Want Is Irrelevant Now

We have heard nothing but outrageous claims, distortions and lies from the Russian government and those that support it. At this point, it is almost impossible to know what is fact and fiction, and we should really not care.

What does Russia want? Is “Russia” identical with its government? For now, as long as those Russians who are against the actions of its regime fail to act on their displeasure successfully, let’s just use this shorthand – while being aware that there is not just one Russian opinion.

Does Russia feel threatened by NATO? Certainly not – till a few years ago, it approved of NATO expansion and cooperated well with the West. Russia knows very well that NATO is not a threat, that there has not been a significant NATO strike force amassed at Russian borders – at least not until now. Only through Russia’s actions has that changed somehow – which, by the way, was foreseeable. At no point though has NATO ever attacked Russia, and it will not do so until attacked – which has always been crystal clear. If Russia still felt threatened, that would be deeply irrational, illogical, or idiotic, and should not be the basis of NATO foreign policy. Every NATO country joined the organization voluntarily, and for defensive purposes only. How can NATO be a threat to Russia, unless Russia plans to attack and fears the consequences?

Does Russia fear the sanctions? Well, before the war, the Russian ambassador to Sweden said that Putin “doesn’t give a sh** about sanctions,” – so be it.

Does Russia fear threatened by Ukraine? Ukraine has never, ever attacked Russia, and has always been its victim. This is a ludicrous demand. The only time Russia was threatened by Ukraine was when Ukraine attempted to fight back against the illegal occupation of Crimea and Donbass by Russia. There seems to be the plan currently to create a buffer zone of demilitarized Ukraine against Russia. Well, given that Ukraine has never been a threat (till Russia asked for it), neither has NATO, and Russia claims to be scared – why not create a buffer zone in Russia? There could be a neat little area from Bryansk, through Kursk, Belgorod, Volgograd down to Rostov and Krasnodar that certainly could be sacrificed for such a purpose in case of need. Russia wants a buffer, it should create it on its own land, of which it has plenty.

Russia seems to be angry that Ukraine occasionally attacks Russian territory. How dare the victims of the Russian genocidal campaign dare to fight back! What hypocrisy.

Then, there is the question of who would be a Nazi. Clearly, Nazism means an ideology of blood and soil, traditional values, ethnic superiority, the purified body of the people as one, the cult of military destructiveness, the fetish of a strong leader, and the utilization of an irrational belief to unite the country. All this describes Russia currently rather than Ukraine or the West. Russia wants to fight Nazism, then go ahead, reform your country and end it.

Russia complains about Russophobia in the country. Again, Russia is the most Russophobic country in the world! It is in Russia that the government does not care about its people, imprisons and tortures them, withholds economic perspectives, has them killed in senseless wars, provokes sanctions that drive Russia further away from the world. If someone hates Russia and Russians, it is Putin and his government. This is clearly visible: Him and his cronies have their families regularly living in the West, enjoying everything that Russia does not have on offer. How is the biggest country in the world seriously in such a horrible situation?

Russia claims it is worried about grain deliveries not getting to Africa, after having done everything to prevent them from getting from Ukraine to the rest of the world. Again, only hypocrisy.

Russia claims it wants to liberate its brothers in Ukraine, specifically those who speak Russian. So, you kill them, rape them, rob them, bomb their cities, kill their babies, their pets, burn down their apartments and houses, their art, their churches, out of – brotherly love? Russia needs to seriously educate itself about Cain and Abel – and realize, it is Cain. Us in Soviet times had a saying: The Russians are our brothers indeed, because we cannot choose our brothers, unlike it is with friends.

Russia wants peace? End the war. Russia wants safety? Stop being the aggressor. Russia wants respect? Stop proving that you don’t deserve it.

What does Russia want? It doesn’t know itself – and so, why should we care?

And even if we heard correctly, then what Russia wants is one large Russian-influenced and Russian-controlled area ranging from Lisbon to Vladivostok, with no American in sight. One land, one people, one leader. Where have I heard this before? And do we want this, really?

Does Russia want the Soviet Union back, or its Empire? Both died a deserved death, and their loss was better for everyone.

What does Russia want? What does it say it wants? All of this consists of lies, delusions, threats, megalomania, and mere posturing. There is no real “there” there. Why should we then care?

Defend Ukraine, and show Russia once and for all that this behavior needs to stop. We know where the problem sits. Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Ceterum censeo Ucrainam esse defendam. Слава Україні!