#120: Differential Treatment of Vaccination Opponents Is not Discrimination

Disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor a lawyer; this is therefore only my individual opinion, which of course is based on current assessments by experts in the field as far as I can tell.

The medical data and opinion regarding Covid-19 vaccinations approved in Europe and the US is clear: They are – statistically speaking – safe, very effective in preventing the course of severe disease, and somewhat effective in spreading infections. According to medical information, any vaccine damage is usually a milder version of the damage that could result from a Covid infection. Of course, scientific data can still change, but with millions of successful vaccinations, the picture seems clear.

Certainly, the vaccinations are not perfect. Caution still needs to be exercised especially with regards to the emergence of new variants. Being vaccinated does not mean that there can be absolute normality again. That is very clear; everything else is wishful thinking.

Some people cannot get vaccinated for real medical reasons. For some, the vaccination doesn’t work as well as hoped. These people still need our protection.

Compulsory vaccination is probably not possible. Instead, there will have to be restrictions in everyday life, depending on who has been vaccinated or who has recovered. Rapid tests are not very reliable, and those who are thus tested (if it is not a PCR test) are not as safe as those who have been vaccinated and who have recovered (if the last booster vaccination or infection has not occurred more than 5-6 months ago).

It is therefore clear: To deliberately not get vaccinated is a conscious decision against the safety of society, and also against your own safety. Restrictions regarding the individual freedom of those who oppose vaccination are therefore not discrimination, but only the consequence of the deliberate refusal to adhere to social norms. It is, of course, perfectly legitimate not to get vaccinated. But then you have to accept the consequences of such a decision as well.

(originally published in German on philkneis.com)