#143: The Madness of the Czar: Putin’s Incoherent Speech

After watching Putin’s one-hour speech on February 21, the day he declared to support the “independence” of his proxy states in Luhansk and Donetsk, I have understood why Trump and Putin seemed to get along.

This was not a speech. It was an hour ramble that would have made Kanye West seem coherent.

It was full with projections. Putin claimed that Ukraine was corrupt, had no democracy, and no real justice system. Really? Look in the mirror. Certainly there are many in this palace worthy for the glory of the Third Rome.

His historical diatribe about Ukraine’s history is irrelevant. What matters is what is going on today, not in the relatively distant past. In 1945, many borders were changed – time travel helps no one.

Putin also is confusing cause and effect – yes, the West is arming Ukraine, but only because of Russian aggression! Russia has been at war with Ukraine since 2014, as the aggressor. But Putin is known for his many lies.

He proceeds to reiterate the usual lies about NATO expansion – after Russia supported the accession of each and every new NATO country in the past.

This level of paranoia, of reliance on fake news, seems to indicate that we are dealing with a case of the madness of Caesars or Kings (German: “Caesarenwahn”). Putin should read up on what happened to Roman Emperors when they overstepped and endangered the interests of their elite supporters.

Ukraine needs our help, and the Russian people deserve a president that actually cares about them and their neighbors.