#196: Poem: I Need to Believe


Corvallis, October 9th, 2022 – P#786

I need to believe
that beneath all this sorrow
beneath all this pain
and all this senseless senselessness
is waiting a future time
much better than the current one
to be born
out of

I need to believe
because without this belief
there would be nothing
keeping me
from seeking madness
rather than sanity
and desperation
rather than resilience
and resignation
rather than defiance

I need to believe
so that others can see
the power of hope,
the power of love,
the power of faith
in the inevitability
of the coming utopia:
the kind
that sits in our hearts and minds
and gently tells us,
“no more” of this madness
“no more” of this anti-love
“no more” of this anti-hope:

I need to believe
that this utopia of the soul
is indeed all within us
a liberation
patiently impatiently
to be born
inside of us:
and once it’s there,
to forever be nurtured
and to be spread
from soul to soul
from mind to mind

I need to believe
that I am not the only one
seeking the power of peace:

but I do believe
that in this imperfect world
utopia should always be our destination for sure
but the path towards it
shall hold some darker truths in tow
and senselessness is anti-sense,
is entropy in human form:
for I do know, and I have seen, and I have heard:
in order to wake
we need to be able
to distinguish the dreams
from the nightmares
and, sadly, we need both
to keep us
on our path, it seems


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