#137: Live Every Day in Love

We all die. It will probably happen sooner than we would have hoped. As Aristotle has made clear, every story has a definitive beginning (before which there was nothing relevant to the story), a middle, and an end, a conclusion, a destination, a telos which concludes this one specific story.

Now, I am not sure on the beginning. Does our beginning start with our birth, our conceptions, our parents meeting, our parents’ lives, ad infinitum back into the past? Our intellectual, aesthetic, artistic and moral history, how deeply is it embedded into our planetary history and consciousness? Our telos, our destination, what will it contribute to our species, our planet?

All these big questions are certainly overwhelming, but important. We should always aim high, and we should see us as being given the opportunity to live it all, to learn it all, to do something new, to make your mark. How is the multiverse progressing because of you?

Ok, let’s tone it down. How about you? Your self? Your soul? You can and should learn all these things, do all the things you are destined to do, but you need to have a core, a center, and this center must hold all the time and be your rock in this sea of uncertainty.

This center can only be love. Fill every day with love. The end will come. Live every day in love. The end will come. Be every day in love. The end will come, and the story it will tell about you is a story about love, about enduring, all-encompassing love. This love sublime, a love supreme, a love that defines you, and which you are able to share with the entire world, accepting it even as it is.

Love does not judge, does not exclude, it is patient, it never ends. Love is unlimited, it is the way, and it is certainly not trivial.

The day I die, if I have loved before my death, it will be a good day to die – though I would prefer a day thereafter. But if we have love, we have life, and death, faced with love, will make the story complete.